Episode 106 – What should I put on a thank you page?

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Business Challenge

The “thank you” page is often a forgotten page.  After all someone has made a purchase or opted in for a webinar or report, what more could you do?  Looking at the page it can even be challenging to think of the copy beyond “thank you”.  The reality is that you have captured a level of interest once you have been able to get someone to give you their information and/or even payment information.

Today’s challenge hits right at home of the problem of maximizing the customer interaction when they hit your thank you page. The challenge that we are tackling today is:

What should I put on a thank you page?

Listen in and read on to find out more:

Key Items

  1. Is your “thank you” page or “congratulations” page post purchase or for something free? – This is a big distinction.  A page that is used post-purchase can have a very different purpose vs. a page that is shown to the visitor after a free optin (or registration for a webinar).  Put yourself in the mindset of your visitor, what would you want to see after going through your funnel or engaging in your landing page.
  2. How can you increase the “value” of the interaction? - When someone provides you with their information or makes a purchase, they are exchanging their information or money for value (or a product) from you.  Immediately following that exchange of initial value, consider how you can increase the value of that initial exchange.  Can you offer a killer bonus that they didn’t expect?  Could you provide a coupon for a future purchase? Could you offer a set of quick start videos to help them get the most from your training course?  Consider items that will add nearly instant value that will keep them on your site or eager to buy again soon.
  3. What do you want your prospect or customer to do next? - As you consider what to put on your thank you page, consider how what you put on the page will impact your customer life cycle.  Can you get them closer to a purchase after the initial free download (i.e. like offering a book to be shipped for .01?)?  After an initial product purchase, could you get them to enroll in your monthly subscription program for a discounted rate they won’t find anywhere else?  Think about what stage they are in when they see your thank you page as that can dictate what you offer.
  4. Quick ideas to put on your page – When you are looking for quick wins, consider putting adding any of the following on your thank you page: Affiliate link to a related product, Premium item/service on your website that has a price not available anywhere else, an opportunity to speak with you 1 on 1 (time is incredibly valuable), video lessons on how to get the most out of what they just opted in or/purchased, or a bonus free offer and encouragement to share the original optin with their network.

Joe Says So

  • Olympics – Once every 4 years we get to celebrate greatness in the Summer Games.  Part of the magic of the Olympics isn’t just the pursuit of being a champion but the stories behind those efforts.  Check out some of the Olympic stories of triumph and think how you could share stories with your customers.


  • Perry Marshall – As the co-author of the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords, creator of the Adwords Bootcamp and one who has developed ninja level marketing programs you are sure to find a marketing strategies and tactics that will help your business get to the next level.
  • Email Autoresponders – Staying connected with existing customers and prospects can be a challenge when you are relying on only your own activity.  Implementing an email autoresponder sequence will help you to engage prospects over time until they are ready to do business with you and keep existing customers thrilled that you are staying in touch.  Find out more about the solutions that can help your business today.

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With each challenge we tackle, we look to not only solve the problem we look to shed light on new opportunities for our listeners.  We invite you listen to a couple of the business owners who shared their challenges and to submit your own today!


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