What is Your Business Challenge?

We understand that with each stage of growth in your business there are challenges.  From designing a successful team structure, maximizing growth through a new marketing channel, or trying to crack the code on a system that you know “should” be working we are here to tackle your toughest of challenges.  We have helped budding new entrepreneurs to companies in the Fortune 500 and that means any problem is fair game. It’s as easy as leaving a message at: (310) 405-0341 ext 801.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, we invite you to listen to a few of those who have already called in:

Email Follow Up Challenge

Time Management Challenge


To maximize the help we provide to you please call in and:

  • Clearly state your full name
  • State your company name
  • Your website address if you have one. if you don’t that’s ok. You can also list a twitter handle or facebook page that makes it easy to locate you.
  • Please state the industry or niche that you serve
  • the challenge that you are facing: please be as specific as possible if you can or if you aren’t sure just describe the challenge you are encountering and how it is affecting your business
  • how it would feel when this problem is removed
  • Your phone number (this will not be broadcast) if you wish to have us call you for additional information that we can use to provide you an answer to your challenge

Please note we will use your message in a future show and reference your company on our website and show notes.

It’s as simple as that, call in today at (310) 405-0341 ext 801, leave a message with detail and listen to the show for us to feature your challenge.